[hackerspaces] HackNEO - The Northeast Ohio hackerspace consortium

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Thu Jun 12 13:34:21 CEST 2014

Hi, hackers.

Is there someone I can get in touch with to create a mailing list on 

I'm looking to start a Northeast Ohio Hackerspace Consortium by the name of 
HackNEO. In the last three years there's been a growing number of folks 
looking to or actively starting spaces:

* Maker's Alliance of Cleveland
* Hackron of Akron
* CanHax of Canton
* An unnamed group in Youngstown that I'm mentoring

And probably a lot more!

Similar to the Bay Area Consortium of Hackerspaces, I hope to embrace the same 

* HackNEO should be very thin, with almost no over-head.
* HackNEO should exist to help its member spaces coordinate, communicate, and 
collaborate with one another.
* HackNEO should, above all, support the Northeast Ohio hackerspace 
community's existent inter-dependence and resilience.
* HackNEO should, if possible, help articulate shared values between the 

In addition to the above, a concrete idea that has been floated around is a 
shared community working group for interpersonal conflict resolution and to 
act as a discussion medium for sharing tools, project help, events, etc.
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