[hackerspaces] Fuckhackerfucks: My hacker culture roast at HOPE X

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> > ==cut==
> > Johannes Grenzfurthner wants to indulge in a public rant about hacker
> > culture, and why it has to be saved from itself. Expect strong
> > language, indecency and valid critique of the status-quo of hackdom.
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> >
> > And here it is. (Including hackerspaces.)
> >
> > http://new.livestream.com/internetsociety2/hopex2/videos/57134850
> I'd be very interested in the "20 books" reading list, if you decide to
put that
> together.
> It could make for a great list to work from, for a hackerspace reading
> _______________________________________________

Speaking of which: progress continues on the book project I've begun (now
titled The Maker Community Experience).  There are two confirmed authors
(myself and one other) and a possible third, as well as about a dozen people
who wish to collaborate.  Beyond that, we may ask more of you to provide
quick opinions on certain topics; more on that later.

In addition to collecting interviews and anecdotes, we will be referencing
numerous other works, such as Chris Anderson's "Makers" and Mark Hatch's
"Maker Manifesto".  Think of this as a "bible" of sorts, a collection of
stories and "rules".  So far I have found nothing competitive.

One targeted audience will be the vast hordes who have nothing but
misunderstandings of who and what we are.  ;)  Another will of course be
organizers wanting to avoid much of the pain we've all felt in making a

Right now I am putting together a proposal that an O'Reilly editor will
forward to Maker Media if it doesn't meet their own goals.  And if all else
fails, we can always self-publish.


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