[hackerspaces] Visiting other *spaces

Dominic Canare dom at makeict.org
Wed Jul 23 18:48:01 CEST 2014

MakeICT recently received a small amount of grant money to create a
business plan and develop our makerspace.

I'd like to send a couple of our board members to a couple of different
places so that we can see firsthand what your space is like. Floor plans
are great, but the atmosphere has to be experienced.

We've lurked many of your websites/wiki's and have already learned so much
from this community.​
​ We've even modeled different aspects of our organization after some of
your examples.

There are a couple of places ​
​that we have in mind for visiting already, but I thought I'd post here
first to see who might be willing to host a couple of us some time.​

So, who's up for a visit?​

*Dominic Canare*
President, MakeICT
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