[hackerspaces] Proprietary Product Company as a sponsor of FOSS event

hellekin hellekin at hackerspaces.org
Sat Jul 5 07:44:13 CEST 2014

Moritz is right. I've seen events sponsored by (big proprietary
corporation) that I was ready to troll, but they didn't even have their
logo on the fliers, not even a booth. The interest of the corporation
lies elsewhere. They can send a sales representative and talk to people.
They would mostly do that. Or they're just happy of being announced as a
sponsor of the event, and deduce it from their taxes.

But advertising is really something else: it's crippling your event with
stuff that doesn't belong here. Keep in mind that you are organizing the
event, not them. If they want to help, fine. If they want to use you,
not fine. Ask them why they want to sponsor the event, you might be


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