[hackerspaces] Does the maker culture get the step on the hackers culture?

Mark Janssen dreamingforward at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 05:02:18 CEST 2014

On 7/3/14, hellekin <hellekin at hackerspaces.org> wrote:
> On 07/03/2014 09:58 PM, Mark Janssen wrote:
>>   Not impossible, but I'd like to hear your plan.
> *** Three words: Chaos Computer Club. [...]
> To reply to the original question, I think makerspaces, and physical
> tools in general, bring an interesting dimension, and enable easier
> commercialization of products coming from hackerspaces.  Sooner or
> later, the politically-motivated spaces--read: community-operated, *and*
> interested in being part of the larger civil society--will come up with
> products according to their interests, that will relegate commercial
> venues to their commodity business segment, away from the innovative
> ebullition of hackerspaces.  Some products already emerged from
> hackerspaces, such as the Peachy Printer, to give just an example.
> Typically hackerspaces products like the the TV-Be-Gone are less common
> than purely technical products. But they belong to technology--as in
> technique-related-to-society, not just "innovation".

All this is great review, friend, but the key point of my argument is
unaltered.  Let me gather everyone around and let's talk a little

There are SIGNIFICANT spiritual, scientific, and religious issues
pending in this world.  Everyone thought these issues could be
ignored, but as 9/11 showed and for various personal reasons, this is
simply not a feasible plan for ANYONE.  This country and its
politicians has been FUCKING TURNING PSYCHO.  Does anyone have a clue?
 They literally endorsed torture on national television.  It is not
acceptible MORAL behavior for the people to be passive amidst the
egregious atrocities that are shown on TV daily.  Do you guys and gals
understand?  Most of the adults have medicated themselves in various
ways to the reality of things, but this is NOT ACCEPTIBLE to the TRUE

I'm going to lay it down for you.  This place is so insane, it said
*I* was insane and wanted to medicate me to these realities to be
COMPLICIT like everyone else and detain me against my will in a mental
health ward for being SUICIDAL.  (It's going to get a little Zen and
the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance here.)  These issues get deep, as
deep as the beginning of the Universe, and I'm not going to take you
down the the rabbit hole I went down when I left civilization just to
find what the fuck was wrong in this world, at least not yet, although
shit -- it is fucking interesting.

---ISSUE #1:  There is *NO* math that can accomidate endless,
exponential growth on a finite planet.  Ask any biologist.  Yet this
has been the economic policy of every country in the G8-20 for the
past 60 years -- exponential ROI, and a %age of interest going
upwards.   NONE of the political leaders has a "business plan" to make
an alternative to this boneheaded idea.  NONE of them could pull it
off.  Adbusters has been pointing out these issues for 20 years and
it's come to a boiling point because of the absolute destructiveness
of our CURRENT systems.   So that's issue #1 -- the current system is
*simply* inadequate, if not immoral and blatantly so for those who are
sensitive or with a higher education.

It's one thing to have a hobby shop to escape from the drudgery and
chrematistics that dominate the world, but we can FUCKING do better,
we can REPLACE it!

I'm talking traveling to space.  Russia was denied a lot because of
Satanic idiots in the US and the symbols of power on the dollar that
wished to preserve US hegemony, but there are serious opportunities to
be ignited here.  Fuck power drills, I want a fucking FORGE to be
making new alloys that industry has not even fucking dreamed of.

For those inside the Judeo-Christian world, there needs to be serious
cleanup.  This world is so toxic on so many levels that everyone of
you is diseased, but you have adapted to it unknowingly and
subconsiously.  Every city is an inhuman cement jungle made for
machines and, what? reptiles?

Damn, it gets deep, and I wish you guys wouldn't have been so distant,
but I guess I'm the one who left  first.

---ISSUE #2:  Only about 30% of the wealth in the G8 economies has
been earned.   The land was made by no man (or woman) and equally
belongs to the countless Natives who were subjugated here in the
Americas (a little bugaboo that the West has avoided).  AND, secondly,
the TRILLIONS of dollars of oil that made the modern era was made by
no entrepreneur, but the Judeo-Christian Earth/Sun and belongs to the
people therein.  This is an issue also because Peak Oil will be
happening without a doubt, and within this decade.  If you don't know
the term yet, look it up -- it wasn't made by an academic, but
analyzed and reported by the industry itself.   There is no
alternative to the oil economy for the Judeo-Christian Earth -- it HAS
to transition to a Creative Economy -- just the niche that
hackerspaces can fill.

These are just two of the issues that should be taken seriously if
people want to continue this experiment of civilization, otherwise we
can all go back to the swamp, forget "liberty and justice for all" and
cull the population to a tenth of its current size because no one was
willing to take moral responsibility and made me fight alone.  Fuck I
am mad at the world for being so stupid and to all the hipsters for
making their #1 issue fighting for oppressed feltchers.

I'm going to tell you -- there are only two trajectories for Earth.
1) Moving towards a beautiful Earth, like found in the film Avatar,
and 2) The space-faring trajectory mentioned earlier.  There is
nothing left to do, people.  All the fucking industrial wasteland can
be closed up and cleaned up.  Space fields await.  After it's all
finished, there will be two major systems, each a self-enclosed
singularity and a soul into itself, complete and forever.

The story for Earth 2.0 can begin right here.


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