[hackerspaces] In defense of Noisebridge (even if I was never there!)

Al Billings albill at openbuddha.com
Thu Jul 3 18:37:55 CEST 2014

To be clear, since I’m an infamous “Noisebridge basher,” I think Noisebridge is a great idealistic experiment. When it was founded, folks had no way of knowing how it would develop or the issues it would run into. My main issues are that I have a low personal tolerance for crazy so I never wanted to hang out there after the initial stages and I felt the community there should have gotten on top of things years ago. But I’m not part of that community so, in that sense, it isn’t my business to tell them what to do. I voted with my feet (because Noisebridge is an hour or so away) and did something else.

I really would like to see Noisebridge succeed. It just isn’t clear to me how it gets out of the current hole without a big reset button, especially since a lot of the people that I did admire there have left. 

On Jul 3, 2014, at 3:17 AM, Petr Baudis <pasky at ucw.cz> wrote:

>  I feel kind of sorry about all the Noisebridge bashing.  And that's
> because I consider Noisebridge (at least in one of its past forms) to be
> a great model for a hackerspace.

Al Billings
albill at openbuddha.com

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