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The CHEST site is a bit MEH: it won't redirect you while you logged in,
so here is a shortcut: use the first URL to register and login, then you
can click or reload the other URLs :)

http://ideas.chest-project.eu/?q=node/3430 (Dyne:bolic)
http://ideas.chest-project.eu/?q=node/3433 (Tomb)
http://ideas.chest-project.eu/?q=node/3358 (Dowse)
http://ideas.chest-project.eu/?q=node/3450 (BubbleClub)

Thank you for your time!


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Subject: [Hackers at dyne] please endorse dyne:bolic for EU funding (CHEST)
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2014 16:52:36 +0200
From: Jaromil <jaromil at dyne.org>
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Dear fellow free software developers and enthusiasts,

Dyne.org has applied for EU funding support (CHEST program) on some old
and new projects, including dyne:bolic our 100% free GNU/Linux OS for
nomadic media production, here you can see a list of all our projects
pitched into http://www.dyne.org/chest

As it often goes in these cases, the CHEST rating registration has been
broken for most of the campaign time, but it has been finally fixed a
few days ago and its rating process prolongued until the 7th of July.

Therefore *now* is the occasion for all our friends and supporters to
endorse the funding of dyne:bolic by registering a user, rating and
optionally commenting on http://ideas.chest-project.eu/?q=node/3430

If we succeed winning the CHEST funding the Dyne.org foundation will
receive 6000€ for each project. We intend to transparently allocate that
money to support the voluntary efforts behind each project. This won't
be a lot of money obviously, but its a very good start at new
development rounds. In the specific case of dyne:bolic it would fuel the
development of a new dyne:IV core for the next version of the OS.

With this email I'm kindly asking you for support in the last 5 useful
days of rating: it won't cost anything but a little time to register and
rate and this can really help us start a new development cycle.

I'm thankful for your attention and appreciation,
please circulate this call as you think it may fit.

My very best wishes


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