[hackerspaces] Safe Space Policies?

Red Davies noiddicle at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 04:56:13 CET 2014

So, I can answer that question easily.

When people walk into the space they are always welcomed.  You know, by an
individual and not a fucking sign.  We welcome them, ask them what their
interests are, introduce them to people who have similar interests, give
them the 2c tour, get them to sign a waiver and GENUINELY welcome them in
on the basis that they are breathing[0] and interested in the same stuff we

A sign is worthless if you don't have a community that lives it.

If you have a community that lives it then the sign is redundant.

We've had one case of lecherous behavior towards a female guest.  We made
**him** the prey.  Once he became prey he learned **WHY** his behavior was
unacceptable (and we never saw him again).  That's a two-for-one!

[0] To be clear, zombies would probably be welcome too - we've just not
tried recruiting any by, you know... hanging out in graveyards, political
rallies etc...

On Sun, Jan 26, 2014 at 10:42 PM, Al Billings <albill at openbuddha.com> wrote:

> How about making it less about *you* and more about all the other people
> that might feel unwelcome or apprehensive going into a hackerspace? I get
> it that you’re comfortable walking in, doing your thing, etc. This isn’t
> about *your* feelings or how welcome *you* feel.
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> Subject:  Re: [hackerspaces] Safe Space Policies?
> Al if I put up a sign for everything I though that was wonderful I'd have
> no room for windows... or doors... I'd be trapped in a self designed prison
> unable to see the world beyond my own ideals.
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