[hackerspaces] Safe Space Policies?

Al Billings albill at openbuddha.com
Mon Jan 27 04:41:24 CET 2014

So therefore you can’t put a policy in place and tell people because it might give them the wrong idea about your space?

What’s the downside here exactly besides some tender white boy egos?

From: Red Davies Red Davies
Reply: Red Davies noiddicle at gmail.com
Date: January 26, 2014 at 7:42:47 PM
To: Al Billings albill at openbuddha.com
Subject:  Re: [hackerspaces] Safe Space Policies?  
Thanks for confirming your blindness to irony?

The point that I'm making is that there is a difference between welcoming everyone who wishes to be a part of an existing culture and treating it like a PCI audit where you need to have bought 'one of every technology'.

People are individuals, not walking tickyboxes you can collect like fucking pokemon.
Al Billings

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