[hackerspaces] Safe Space Policies?

Moritz moritz at headstrong.de
Mon Jan 27 04:38:17 CET 2014

On 01/27/2014 04:27 AM, Al Billings wrote:
> Putting up a sign shows that maybe, just a little, some people in the
> group give a shit about welcoming folks, accepting diversity, and want
> to be clear that discrimination and such are not to be tolerated.

See, that is the underlying disagreement here. I *expect* that from
*any* group I participate in. And I *see* that it works well, and people
actively make steps towards this. They don't need a sign! To the
contrary, most people I know react allergic to signs and policies, and a
sign would be counterproductive. Quite similarly to "I read a LOT of
books, but any book on the official agenda of my school I didn't bother
even touching.".

The only effective method is to *live* the policies, as members, and pay
a lot of attention to how new arrivals behave, and then take them into a
1:1 conversation.


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