[hackerspaces] Safe Space Policies?

Glyn Kennington glyn at potatojunkie.co.uk
Sun Jan 26 16:18:48 CET 2014

Walter van Holst wrote:
> On 26/01/2014 15:27, Glyn Kennington wrote:
> > As this usually includes calling out oppressive language, it's worth noting
> > that the term "sausagefest", while a snappy way of summarising the problem, is
> > cissexist.
> Look! I sport a penis! And I feel oppressed by this!

Actually, this isn't about me.
> Basically, it is this sort of political correct wankery that contributes
> to it being next to impossible to have a meaningful conversation about
> the hacker scene being horribly homogeneous. It simply is nowhere near
> to equate calling a bunch of white males who have never felt anywhere
> close to a single doubt of their right to be in a hackerspace (or in the
> wider world for that matter) a "sausagefest" to calling a woman in that
> space who has in all probability had encountered all sorts of social
> discouragement to be interested in technology, and by extension may feel
> way less being in that space a birthright,  a "chick".

Who's equating them?  They're both wrong, but we don't have to plot them
together on a relative scale of wrongness.  And we don't have to engage in the
former to complain about the latter.

> The latter is
> misogynous and sexist, the former is merely a factual observation of a
> somewhat informal sort.

The former is a generalization that can be marginalizing to trans people.


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