[hackerspaces] Nullspace Labs in L.A. has to move - needs help

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Not all hackers are in it to save the world.

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I wonder if they considered that maybe they'd have enough members and consequently money to handle this themselves if they weren't basically saying "we are awful people" on their join page?


I wonder.


On 01/23/2014 04:06 PM, Arclight wrote:
Hi all,

Many of you are probably already familiar with Nullspace Labs in L.A. They have a big open electronics lab in downtown Los Angeles. They put on loads of free classes and also organize a hacker conference call Layer One.

Nullspace Labs:  http://032.la
LayerOne:  http://www.layerone.org/

Anyway, the day after Hackaday did a little article on them, the owner of their building announced that all of the tenants need to be gone in 30 days, as they intend to remodel the building and convert it into some sort of upscale retail.

They are looking for the following help:

-People in the Southern California area to bring boxes, help pack, and move things (they already have a storage facility being donated for the time being)

-Help locating another suitable space near downtown L.A. They would best off with 2,000+ square feet, a loading dock or large elevator, and some type of legal parking.  If anyone has a lead, please let mmca, charliex or myself know.

They are putting together a move-in fund. Setting the place up was mostly the result of several angels coming together, and they are probably not in a position to do this now.

Everything is difficult and expensive in L.A., and probably more so than it was a few year ago, so they've put together a funding drive:


-If you're going to be on the West Coast of USA, come to one of the party/fundraising events in the next month (dates to be announced shortly)

Anyway, everyone hates e-begging and I doubt they would post this on their own.
So help if you can, and no worries if that's not your thing.


23b shop
Fullerton, CA

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