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john lunger justj1915 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 16 05:24:56 CET 2014

Lost our website. I wanted to transfer my website on their webbuilder site on my godaddy account to another godaddy account on Monday night and they said it should not be a problem and the website will be down for 24 hours and they would email me back when done. No email and our website is still down. We are in the USA. Hayhackers is our hackerspace. I have been on the phone for an hour with them now and they are passing me around representives after representatives and putting me on hold multiple times. No straight answer and they are telling me they have sent some notification saying they have elevated it and will have to wait 72 hours to find the data blah blah. 8 months of work and then they lost everything....About ready to cancel my account with them but want to give them one more chance to find the website in 72 hours. Can't give me a direct number to contact someone regarding this in the future. I am asking for a discount right now because of the
 72 hour wait they are putting me through. 
Can someone recommend me a better hosting site and web builder program. Can someone hack into their system and find this for me? 
Carolyn and John
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