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I haven't had much luck using Plan 9 as an exploitation system yet. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
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No option for Plan 9?

On Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 6:58 PM, Nathaniel Bezanson <myself at telcodata.us<mailto:myself at telcodata.us>> wrote:
> Dear all,My name is Sophie Andriol, and I am a French political science student.

Oh, dear. That's very serious indeed. I'm glad you turned to us for help. Fortunately, there's still hope -- it's never too late to switch your major to engineering!

> I made a survey that would require as many answers as possible


> amongst the hackers community.


> Your input is highly valued on this,

Out of curiosity, how many surveys have you filled out in the last year, which sought to gauge the interests and opinions of "the political science student community"?

Do you find that such surveys always include varied enough options that any of the 'valued' respondents would truly be able to capture their opinions, or at least not feel forced into answering questions they disagree with the very premise of?

Or, after the third or fourth survey, did you begin to realize they were all just different shades of naive, misguided, presumptuous, narrow, or just plain manipulative?


I can't resist quoting this:

> Which exploitation system do you use?
>  Microsoft Windows
>  Mac OS X
>  None of the above

Folks, if you haven't clicked through to read the survey, please do so, whether or not you intend to fill it out. It's a gem.

(Although, points for using the full name "GNU/Linux".)

> Thanks for your help!

No problem. Best wishes on your thesis,

-Nate B-
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