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All good points. It all depends on the matter being discussed.

We use:

General meetings (very large purchase discussions + everything else)
email (announcements)
facebook (announcements, discussions)
website forum (announcements, discussions)

Clearly the latter two are in some conflict. I'd like to see us kill one of
them, but that pits the 'FB only' vs the 'FB is evil' camps against each
other, so we have a cross post going on.

We also use google hangouts for meetings, which brings up an idea i've had
kicking around for a while.  Would other folks be interested in starting up
a permanent hangout that is up and running in their space so we can share
ideas between spaces in real time?


On Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 4:57 PM, James Arthur <iam at jamesarthur.info> wrote:

> Information Architecture is a hobby of mine I've been exploring.  This, in
> my opinion, is one of the single biggest problems in any community oriented
> group.
> There are a few criteria to consider in any communication.
> *Longevity*: How long should the information last?
>    - Speaking to someone in person or on the phone expires quickly,
>    whereas a book or Wiki may last a lot longer
> *Accessibility:*  How easy is it to access the information?
>    - Who can access the information?
>    - When is it available?
>    - Does it require the ability to read or speak a certain language?
>    - Does it require the person to understand certain jargon?
>    - Does it require technical savvy to access?  [Logging into a site is
>    a challenge for some]
> *Relative Importance:  *How vital is the info?
>    - How important does the community think this information is?
>    - How important does the person receiving the info think it is?
> *Method:* There are many but...
>    - Speaking
>    - Texting
>    - Calling
>    - Emailing
>    - Social Media
>    - Wiki
>    - Website
>    - Static [Printed] Signage
>    - Dynamic [White board, Electronic] Signage
>    - Augmented Reality [Something I think could be very for hacker/maker
>    spaces, especially when HUD's become more viable
>    - Etc.
> Much more to hash out, but I'm a little busy right now.  Would love to
> start a side exploratory discussion about this topic with a group of
> interested parties.
> On Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 4:31 PM, Steven Sutton <ssutton4455 at gmail.com>wrote:
>> One of the things that we're discussing a lot at our space is how we keep
>> communication open between members. We have several different tools (wiki,
>> mailing list, weekly meetups, monthly meetings, etc) that each sorta have
>> their own audience.
>> But if we want to get consensus on things like "do we want to be involved
>> in this event" or "how should we invest this money" or "hey, watch out for
>> this in the space" we really aren't reaching the majority of our members
>> because it's being lost in the noise of the other stuff happening on the
>> mailing list.
>> Have any of you tried something different for helping people coordinate
>> with each other that really worked for your space?
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