[hackerspaces] Hackerspace Passport Stamps

Daniel Harmsworth atrophy at caffeinator.net
Fri Jan 10 03:10:22 CET 2014

Hi All!

I've been touring around Hackerspaces a fair bit over the past 2 years
and have always been humbled by the amazing hospitality and general
awesomeness of everyone I've met, on top of that I have been using my
Hackerspace Passport (Huge thanks to the amazing Mitch Altman!) to
record my travels, however there are still many spaces that do not yet
have a stamp.

I have acquired a supply of laser-safe stamp-making rubber and would
like to offer to make Hackerspace passport stamps for any space that
wants them and post them to you for free because you are awesome
(rubber stampy bit only, you can DIWO the handles :D).
Just shoot me a vector version (DXF preferred) or a high resolution
B&W bitmap of what you want on your stamp and I shall engrave it and
post it out (Once I get back to Australia, I just had an awesome night
at Warsaw Hackerspace, I fly back on the 27th).

Happy Hacking All!

Daniel Harmsworth
The Perth Artifactory Inc.

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