[hackerspaces] ReOpeningParty: "raumSprung", 2014-01-11, @realraum

Bernhard Tittelbach xro at realraum.at
Sun Jan 5 07:38:35 CET 2014

Hi all,

The realraum, our hackerspace in Graz for all things electronics,
chemistry, software, biology and science
has completed it's jump to a new location. Now it's time to take a day
and celebrate.

Anybody who want's to stop by and chill/party with us, is invited :-)

  "raumSprung" - The party

  2014-01-11 from 19:00 onwards until power runs out

  realraum Hackerspace

*Where exactly?*:
  Brockmanngasse 15, 8010 Graz, Austria

*You Have Map?*:

  ask realraum at realraum.at if members have free couch for surfing.

*Why not announce this earlier?*:
  The date was set a long time ago, but weren't sure we could keep it,
  then made it and consensus was to stick to it.

  realraum at realraum.at  ||  #realraum at irc.oftc.net

What's the plan?:
  19:30 offical part, some slides
  20:00 offical part, presentation of projects and hacks
  Afterwards: chilling, party, beer, LAN, whiskey, conversation,
              chilli con carne, chilli con tofu&melanzani

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