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Let's see: you're from Nigeria (a country known to originate financial 
scams) and you're asking strangers on the list for money.  WHAT COULD 

- skroo.

On 1/3/14, 7:41 PM, Friday Demola wrote:
> Happy new year, I quickly want to say this, non of you guys actually
> helped, why did u care of the country and continent i am from? no
> wonder some of you guys always have terrible nightmare, yall are
> racists.
> On 12/24/13, Friday Demola <demolaboy at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Thanks for bringing my mind to that, yes, I could only if there is
>> someone to show me how to hack.. But based on time difference, like
>> someone who was teaching me before was living in Poland and we
>> couldn't connect well.. My traveling to the United States Of America
>> is not about learning how to hack. I've got a lot of good programmes I
>> want to study before going back to Nigeria. Anyways, I really
>> appreciate all the responses, both the negative ones, the insulting
>> ones and even the encouraging ones..
>> Thank you all.
>> Merry Christmas and happy new year in advance.
>> Hack on
>> Friday Demola
>> On 12/24/13, David Venancio de Campos <metabaron at massmulti.org> wrote:
>>> Hi, check below the answer (not off topic imho) showing another point of
>>> view.
>>> On Fri, 2013-12-20 at 11:52 -0800, Friday Demola wrote:
>>>> Dear HackerSpace,
>>>>                     My name is Friday Demola, I am a certified blogger
>>>> and
>>>> online
>>>> promoter who is from Lagos, Nigeria. Before I finished my high school
>>>> in 2007, I prophesied that I want to study in the United States Of
>>>> America and any time my mates
>>>> were applying for Jamb, I never felt like registering because I was
>>>> working hard trying to get the money for my Visa and stuffs; but at
>>>> the end they were all abortive. After many years of trying, nothing
>>>> worked out, so I had to stop disturbing myself about traveling abroad.
>>>> Two years ago  I thought to myself that if I am studying here in
>>>> Nigeria, I would have graduated by now, but God reminded me that I
>>>> prophesied something, I didn’t remember what it was, until my Pastor
>>>> (He has been transferred now) asked me last year about what I am doing
>>>> concerning my international school, I told him I have stopped it, so
>>>> he encouraged me not to stop, so I registered for the America
>>>> DV-lottery the same year and this year 2103 the result came out and I
>>>> was randomly selected amongst the 150,000 people. I was so excited and
>>>> after sending my documents to the US consular office in Kentucky, now
>>>> I am among the 50,000 people that were finally picked.
>>>> My Visa interview is January 8th, and I need to get all the
>>>> requirements they requested for.
>>>> 1. International Passport
>>>> 2. Attestation Of Birth
>>>> 3. School certificate
>>>> 4. Police Records
>>>> 5. Affidavit
>>>> 6. Medical check-up report
>>>> 7. Visa Fee
>>>> Calculating everything it’s  N111,000  and I have N51,000 now but
>>>> still looking for the remaining N60,000 so that I can use it to get
>>>> other requirements.
>>>> The N60,000 is equivalent to $375
>>>> The spending of the N51,000 begins tomorrow. My Christmas wish is to
>>>> get the remaining balance so that I can have a successful Visa
>>>> interview. I tried reaching my friends to support but they are all
>>>> prophesying lies upon their heads which is so bad.
>>>> NB: My aim is to travel to United States Of America, study more about
>>>> ICT, work and
>>>> come back to Nigeria and nothing is going to change it.
>>>> I would be so glad if my wish can come to pass.
>>>> Thanks so much HS members for taking your time to read my message.
>>>> Remember there is no way to Peace, Peace is the way
>>>> Hack On
>>>> Friday D.
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>>> I, as a portuguese and french programmer, have quite a lot of remarks:
>>> - why move to united states while you can learn everything on the net ?
>>> (btw europe is quite cool too, or asia...)
>>> - you like hacking mind ? build a hackerspace in your country and study
>>> from there while sharing your technics with others, that would be good
>>> for nigeria's autonomy (and yours).
>>> - money is time, be patient and take it so you're free to do whatever
>>> you want.
>>> - I once won some cool stuff by being lucky, like being the 100 000 nth
>>> client of a ice rink, so maybe your story is true, but we have so many
>>> scams coming from africa (and not only) that we can't trust this kind of
>>> message.
>>> - Of course Peace is the way ! (which direction please?)
>>> - No need of diplomas to make good and robust stuff.
>>> (no need to answer, this is just my point of view and nothing will
>>> change it)
>>> Friendly,
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