[hackerspaces] Tool Collective in Tacloban needs help

Jerry Isdale isdale at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 00:16:11 CET 2014

Communitere.org is a volunteer non-profit activity to create a new model
for disaster relief and rebuilding.  As a Hacker, their approach of
providing tools and training to locals touches close.  They have been
active in Haiti for several years and are now working to build a Tool
Collective and Training center in Tacloban Philippines.  A hackerspace in
Ft Lauderdale FL USA (http://makerssquare.com/) has collected a couple
palettes of tools to send, but now needs to find a way to ship them.
 Please donate, volunteer, spread the word.  These are people helping
people help themselves - not part of the Global Disaster Business.


(a friend of mine, Nita, left Maui a few weeks ago to work in Tacloban with
this group. She keeps us updated with posts on Fbook)
Jerry Isdale
Founder Maui Makers http://mauiMakers.com
USA Director Space Gambit http://spaceGambit.org
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