[hackerspaces] Background stats for hackerspace business plan

Shirley Hicks shirley at velochicdesign.com
Wed Jan 1 15:18:48 CET 2014

Good morning and Happy New Year to all!

I'm writing the Birmingham AL Red Mountain Makers non-profit business plan.
There are a couple of things I'm having some difficulty finding at this point.

Can anyone know of sources for:
U.S. engineering and STEM stats by state and city?
Does anyone know if these have been used to predict likely hacker or makerspace membership in a given city or metro area?

Also, does anyone know of a maximum optimum travel radius for a hackerspace? I'm guessing that 
most people don't want to travel more that 20 minutes, max 1/2 hour to their space.

Are there any other stats that you've found useful in your business plans?

Thanks in advance,

Shirley Hicks
redmtnadmin at redmountainmakers.org
shirley at velochicdesign.com

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