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Thu Feb 20 04:07:36 CET 2014

SpaceGAMBIT is sponsoring a contest on Instructables.com


Spacecraft, Space Habitats, Makerspaces, and many other work areas share a common issue - limited work space. And often you have to take the workstation to the project. A classic solution is to create a portable, stowable workstation - ways to pack your favorite maker needs in a container, transport it, pull it out and setup quickly, use it and then stow it away again. This could be a foldup electronics station, a packaged welding rig, a sewing center, a portable carpentry shop, a mechanics back-o-truck box, 3d scanner/printer rig, festival kitchen, photo/video documentation - whatever it takes to make your projects. Mobile maker training communities could have three or more sets of various teaching/learning stations that can be loaded up and taken to a public training/demo event.
Design up something cool, document it and perhaps get some decent equipment.

Note that SpaceGAMBIT (aka Hackerspace Space Program) is funded by DARPA (US Govt). This does NOT imply they approve of or otherwise endorse this contest.  They have no control over what gets published or selected as winners (really over much we legally do with the grant).   If you win, you will sorta be benefiting from them, but better you/us than big arms makers.

Instructables contests are "open to entries from US, Canada [excluding Quebec], UK, China, Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia, Colombia, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, India, New Zealand, and Denmark." 

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