[hackerspaces] Accommodations for lower income space members

Georges Kesseler georgeskesseler at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 17 00:14:13 CET 2014


syn2cat has a minimal member fee, so wealthier members usually give more
as a donation.
The managing board can also decide to sponsor a member's fee, which is a
difficult decision to take. When do you consider a member valuable
enough to grant membership for free? In essence this covers just people
who have been member for some time and suddenly fall into financial
problems. You can't sponsor a membership not knowing if someone is even
willing to contribute.


On 02/16/2014 03:22 PM, Shirley Hicks wrote:
> Greetings fellow hackerspace list denizens,
> This may be a question more appropriate for the financial list, but it also affects general hackerspace organization.
> How do you, at your space, accommodate lower income members, for whom available cash is an important issue, but who may be important to the organization? 
> Do you:
> a) have some sort of sponsorship program?
> b) have a credits-for-space work/administration system?
> We're writing our business plan and want to ensure that we block out such accommodations in a workable manner, but are having a bit of trouble finding a working model within the hackerspace world. 
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