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Mon Dec 22 20:45:28 CET 2014

Hackerspaces are a great resource for people who are in transition. Being a
point in your life where things are changing, due to a move, divorce, loss
of a job, these are examples of being at a transition point. These are
people who have time and don't know what to do with it. Having a productive
activity to focus on, can help.

A hackerspace, because there is goal oriented activity going on, can be
good for people who are trying to find new goals and purposes.

Being in transition can be unsettling and uncomfortable. So the people in
transition might be experiencing depression.

-IF- the depression was caused by a transition, then the goal oriented
activity of a hackerspace might help.

If the depression was caused by something else, a hackerspace won't help in
the long term. For example if there is a chemical imbalance or there is
some ongoing problem in a person's life.

You have to identify the root cause of the depression. When you have
problems & you don't deal with the root causes, the "distraction" may look
like it's helping for a while but it is not going to solve the problem.
Eventually it will resurface and until you deal with the root of the
problem, it will negatively affect your life and everyone else around you,
including the hackerspace if you are now in a hackerspace.

On Mon, Dec 22, 2014, 2:28 PM Mark Janssen <dreamingforward at gmail.com>

> Well, I think it's a bit strange that the questions is coming up at
> all.  Obviously a hackerspace isn't meant to treat depression.  But,
> nonetheless, it has qualities which make for expression of oneself
> that isn't being met in our current "economic" system.
> However, this also makes it a bit of a "magnet" for those who aren't
> accommidated by the dominant paradigm (homeless, mentally ill,
> malcontents).  And not many people (hackerspace directors, etc) know
> how to deal with the influx of outsiders seeking relief or integrate
> them.
> ...not-always-a-panacea-yours,
> Marxos
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