[hackerspaces] RFC: what would you like to see on MakerXP.org?

Randall Arnold randall.arnold at texrat.net
Mon Dec 22 20:30:32 CET 2014

Greetings all,

Although it may not look like it, I'm still at work on the http://makerxp.org
website, twitter account and the Maker Community Experience book I mentioned a
while back.  Just been delayed, mostly by health issues, but getting back on
track.  The twitter account has been kept active and growing rapidly!

Naturally the book will be a big focus of the website, but we want it to have a
life beyond just that.  Given that there are already many web resources
supporting the hacker/maker movements, we need to identify the full, specific
purpose for the MakerXP site.  So I'm asking for input.

In summary, MakerXP will focus on maker community experiences, with great
emphasis on makerspaces, hackathons (and related events), creative approaches to
education and similar subjects.  Our goal is mainly to educate those outside the
movement on what makers/hackers are about, mostly at a fairly high level.  We
will naturally direct interested parties to existing resources like
hackerspaces.org for granular detail.

Given that information, what are your thoughts on:

- what sort of content do you all think we should create and manage?

- what sort of Wordpress theme do you recommend? (I'm not too sure about the
current one, although it is very flexible)

- what would expect on the landing page?

- Buddypress: yes or no? (it's currently installed)

- ads: yes or no?

- sponsor content (assuming we get some): yes or no?

- should MakerXP manage a meta calendar for maker/hacker events?

- are you interested in beta testing the site?

- are you interested in contributing occasional articles?

...along with any other thoughts you may have.  Thanks for any and all input!

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