[hackerspaces] Hackerspaces and alternative/crypto-currency (Was: How to make money to sustain a hackerspace)

Volatile Compound volatilecompound at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 17:44:29 CET 2014

On 12/11/14 8:24 AM, Edward L Platt wrote:

>There's a system
> described in the book I mentioned that works like this: local businesses
> make donations to a hackerspace (either in-kind or in dollars) and
> receive a note as a receipt. Those businesses can give those notes to
> customers or employees as incentives. Those customers and employees can
> then either use them to pay for hackerspace memberships, or to buy goods
> from businesses based out of the hackerspace. This has several benefits:

Sounds similar to how Disney Dollars 
(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disney_dollar) and other gift card / 
certificate systems work.

Also, wouldn't having hackerspaces acting as hubs for cryptocurrency 
transfer and/or exchange obviate a good number of the anonymity aspects 
of such a system?

- skroo.

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