[hackerspaces] The Collapse of Tarrant Makers

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Thanks.  We actually didn’t get to the point of creating our own space—we let opportunities to do so slip through our hands.  And we imploded just as other opportunities started manifesting.  It was like an institutional fear of success.


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My sympathies. I know how it feels to have a space fail like that, and that stuff stings.


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I just realized I probably didn't share with the list that our maker-oriented foundation, The Tarrant County Maker Community Foundation (aka Tarrant Makers) is defunct as of October 31, 2014.


It's a sad ending to what was for me a three-year effort in pulling together a maker community and organization for our area.  However, there's still a need and interest, as demonstrated in various library and school-based makerspaces popping up, so I'm not completely discouraged.


Here's my very sanitized take on the subject: http://texrat.net/tarrant-makers-fall-of-a-foundation/


For unsanitized, you'll have to hit me up privately. ;)


Anyway, good fodder for the maker community book I'm working on... http://makerxp.org



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