[hackerspaces] Colombian hackerspace kickstarter project for DSLR hacking

Danny O'Brien danny at spesh.com
Sun Dec 7 01:26:22 CET 2014

I visited the Bogotá hackerspace, Hackbo, a month or so ago, and chatted to
them a bit about how the space is working. It's a really nice hackerspace
-- in a residential block, but with four or so big well-equipped rooms, and
with a really busy community, and whiteboards full of really detailed
ongoing projects, which I sort of feel is the real metric of a great

One of the projects that has shifting from being a prototype to being a
potential full-time work for a bunch of the key hackers is this:


It's a linux-based plugin for Digital SLR cameras (if you don't see your
camera listed, ask, because they're adding them as they go) that gives you
bluetooth LE remote operation, background transfer to online picture
services via your phone or wifi. The hardware will be openhardware, the
code is FLOSS. The device is going to sell for $150 USD ($170 canadian --
they're working with a Canadian group to do the logistics).

Anyway, I just noticed that they're 3 days to go on their kickstarter, but
still have a way to go. I don't have any financial connection with these
guys or the hackerspace, but I try to plug good hacking projects when I
can. I think this'd be a fun gadget to have if you have a DSLR and are
interested in doing some connected messing with it, either with the
existing features of Lumera or extending it.

That's all!

Feel free to forward this around to any communities you think might be



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