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Federico Nicola Pecchini fpecchini at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 22:12:03 CEST 2014

well i'm no entertainer. I mean what i say, every word. But i'm obviously
no hacker, and my culture is superficial. that's why i'm talking with you
guys, you are the ones that know this language. I'm asking if it's possible
to develop 1. an app to map the transition related hashtags so to enhance
accessibility to content to the insider communities and users and 2. use
this hash map to crowdsource a social platform, a blockchain currency and
internal credit incentive system, a world metagovernment system, a world
knowledge pool database. To achieve this, we need to rethink the
infrastructure of the infostructure( code and protocols) of the internet. i
think the hash grid is a good intuition, look into it. Thanks for your time,

2014-04-30 17:23 GMT+02:00 Elger Jonker <elger.jonker at gmail.com>:

> On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 4:14 PM, Edward L Platt <ed at elplatt.com> wrote:
>> I read the first 500 words or so, and I still have no idea what this is
>> even about.  It sounds vaguely exciting, so I'd be really interested to see
>> a clear explanation with a some context and definitions of terms like
>> "WorldOpen HyperWeb."
> This looks like generated content. It's devious in it's hype(r)ness, you
> might feel you're missing out on something when reading this. In this way
> it is entertaining. I would say this is one of the better arts i've seen in
> the past few weeks.
> #SHUT UP AND TAKE MY #MONEY. #trigonimalInteractionDesign
> #hyperconnectexahub
> Elger
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