[hackerspaces] Cashpoint/Point-of-Sale

schinken schinken at hackerspace-bamberg.de
Tue Apr 29 14:48:56 CEST 2014

Hi there,

we're looking for a Cashpoint/Point-of-Sale software for a long time for
our space.

Currently (which means since 2 years...) we're using a tally sheet. But
that's really confusing over time, with more members, etc..

We're looking for a solution that provides this:

* Barcode Scanner for member and article scanning support
* Prepaid

optional but wanted:

* Different payment methods (PayPal, Bitcoin, debit,..)
* Automatic invoices to users
* LDAP auth/conn

We don't care if its web-based or a native application. We just want it
to run at our bar (Monitor is already attached, barcode scanner available)

Does anyone know something that would fit our needs?
We're tired of searching and evaluating software like OpenERP or
something else

Thank you very much!


Backspace e.V.

mail: schinken at hackerspace-bamberg.de
xmpp: schinken at tai-wahn.de (otr)
GPG: FFB7 E40D B2DD D24C C9B7 B5C5 703C F8B8 882C 871E

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