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Here is our solution at Bloominglabs. I don't know that it currently meets all of your needs but it's small and easily customizable. We started with a small and free IT-focused asset management package we found and optimized it for usage by hackerspaces/makerspaces. It does two main things: 1) keeps an inventory of your assets 2) allows printing of asset tags with QR codes. It can print batches of tags on full sheets of sticker paper as well as individual tags if a dedicated asset tag printer is used.

By default these things are included on the tag: Object type (oscilloscope, lathe, etc.), owner, asset id number, if training is required to use the tool, the URL of the asset system, and of course the QR code for a link to the object in the inventory system. This setup allows people both with and without smart phones to use the asset system (in the later case just the asset id number is required for a manual lookup). 


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On Apr 14, 2014, at 7:01 PM, Rubin Abdi wrote:

> Want:
> * Web app that deals with inventorying physical objects
> * Each object gets a listing on the site
> * Users can add details like current location, comments to each listing
> * Changes in details are kept as history
> * Objects can be tagged into multiple collections or sets (like
> component required to make this large thing work)
> * Batch operations with multiple objects (move everything from pallet
> rack A to off site storage container)
> * The object gets a publicly facing URL
> * The web app can generate some sort of label + URL in QR code for the
> item so one can scan it with a phone and get some information about the
> object quick
> * Free, open source
> Does this exist?
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