[hackerspaces] Interwiki \o/

hellekin hellekin at hackerspaces.org
Tue Apr 8 03:18:48 CEST 2014

Since the end of February, Wikipedia implemented the following Interwiki

Hackerspaces: to point to hackerspaces.org

LibrePlanet: to point to libreplanet.org

In the meantime, the hackerspaces wiki and the DIYISP.org wikis have
been using lp: for libreplanet, hs: for hackerspaces, and diyisp: for w00t.

Now that Hackerspaces: and Libreplanet: are officially supported, any
wiki can start using those to link to their hackerspaces pages, etc.

E.g., [[hackerspaces:NYCResistor]] will link to

You can also transclude contents from the hackerspaces wiki into your own:

E.g. {{hackerspaces:User NoStinkinBadges}} (does that actually work? ,o)


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