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Christie Dudley christie at HackCounsel.com
Tue Apr 1 00:16:27 CEST 2014

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Just to ping people. We're still on for 8PM at Flames in downtown San
Jose tomorrow night? I think they'll be OK if we just show up without
a reservation. However, it'd be super-helpful if we could get a
headcount of people who plan to make it so the first people to arrive
know how big a table to request.

I plan to be there.

On 3/31/14, 14:34, Chris Baumbauer wrote:
> Hi Christie,
> I know this is somewhat short notice and a tad late, but let me see
> how many birds I can hit with this.
> BTW, as to the agenda, I was thinking since we gently covered the
> feel of what we're looking for and also the initial direction, that
> getting out of the way would be next as that will allow us to come
> to terms with what can be feasibly done within the immediate or
> near future.  Another thing that may start turning this into a bit
> of a beauacracy is whether or not we should consider organizing
> into something like a 501c3 to provide not only tax benefits, but
> allow for additional legal protections for the group as a whole.
> This may also make it easier to get things such as our own space
> and toys^W equipment.

I am categorically opposed to becoming a 501(c)(3). I'd like to become
a 501(c)(7)(?) social club. We're a social club, lets not dress it up
as a charity for someone other than ourselves. (Also, by not dressing
it up, we have a lot more latitude to do whatever the hell we want.) A
social club is by, for and about us.

> While we could hold off on the non-profit discussion, the
> financials really should be up for tomorrow.
> I did get confirmation this morning, that my work dinner is at 8p
> so I will more than likely be a no-show tomorrow. :-(
> Lastly, I'll definitely be in for the flea market (don't recall if
> I replied).  I'll be bringing someone along as well.

Oh, that's awesome! How about you post your ideas /to the list/
instead of just sending them to me! I have conveniently cc'd the list
in my reply.

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