[hackerspaces] Aaron Swartz Memorial Hackathons, Nov 8-10: call for participation

Yan Zhu zyan at mit.edu
Mon Sep 23 06:34:50 CEST 2013

Hi all!

In January of this year, a couple of us organized the first Worldwide
Aaron Swartz Memorial Hackathons in memory of activist and hacker
Aaron Swartz
We ended up having ~20 hackathons around the world, including at
several hackerspaces.org hackerspaces.

However, given that there's plenty more to be done in the spirit of
Aaron's work, we would like to make these hackathons a recurring event.

The next hackathon series is scheduled for Nov. 8-10 (Aaron's
birthday). There's events scheduled in San Francisco, Boston, Berlin,
and Chicago so far, but we'd love for more hackerspaces to
participate! You can read more about the motivation and suggested
guidelines for these hackathons at our website,http://aaronswartzhackathon.org/.

Please email the coordinators at aaronswhack at numm.org ASAP if you're
interested in any of the following:
* Hosting a hackathon
* Presenting at a hackathon somewhere
* Leading a project for people to work on

Let's make this work!
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