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hi r:
Thank you for your email. 

1) yes I do know of mothership hacker moms..it is mainly moms hacking and childcare has been a bear for them.  I think they may be dropping that component out or it is already out. I can't remember exactly what Sam cook said. 

2) yes... I am finding out very quickly that insurance is truly a must have. 

3)yes we have experience sudo rooms landlord. however i see how he is upset that neither his building or the people renting from him have liability. 

4)yes.. just experienced an insane person on the hayhackers list. i just had to ban my first person on the list. 

5)this is my own email address. My husband and I share this address but he hasn;t changed it to both our names (works too many hours/hardly home) and I tried but it won;t work. Not techy enough. I do have another email addy and it is with my name but after dealing with psycho on my hayhackers list and him knowing my name and being able to look up everything about me and my family online freaks me out. I am honestly not sure if the hayhackers email is working. No one has emailed me from the hayhackers website and that I ever received it. I just get a bunch of spam. My friend actually helped me get the website going and said he forwarded all the emails to my current email but nothing has been forwarded it. 

6) I honestly don;t give a hoot about what people say about me. I am just a homeschool mom of 8 kids and just want my kids to have access to a hackerspace without having to drive to 30 minutes to oakland or an hour to san jose. I am not techy whatsoever and profess to have no skills other than I can hang out with kids (not teenagers) 24/7 days a week and teach them basic math, reading and writing.  

7)emailed rubin but he hasn;t emailed me back but last i checked I didn;t think i look like a troll. So I left it alone thinking he is another insane person. |

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