[hackerspaces] How did you all first find out about Hackerspaces?

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On 10/15/2013 08:38 PM, john lunger wrote:
> I have a general curiosity...how did most of you learn about 
> Hackerspaces? What did you think of them at first? Was it a
> correct impression?

I first heard about L0pht Heavy Industries way back when and knew that
I'd never get to visit it.  Then I ran into HacDC at HOPE in 2006 and
was surprised to find that a) non-private hackerspaces were a thing,
and b) there was one 45 minutes from home.

As for what I thought of the idea, I wasn't sure how they would
actually work in action.  I was raised in an environment where you
didn't share your tools or your workspace with anyone becuase at best
you'd find a couple of choice pieces of kit missing at the end of the
night.  That people would willingly work alongside one another and
respect each others' tools and work was a real eye opener.

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