[hackerspaces] So excited...Chabot College TV studio in Hayward is doing a public Service announcement for us Oct 25!!

john lunger justj1915 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 17 02:05:55 CEST 2013

I was wondering do any of you have video footage you would be willing to share of your hackerspaces for us to use in our PSA? The PSA is basically trying to promote a hackerspace in Hayward and right now it seems like no one in that city knows what on earth a hackerspace is and what the community is like within one. It is all about economics for everyone...how to make money and how to make it quick. They could care less about a community and don;t understand that a community is the heart of everything. 

Anyways the education system of Hayward school district is so sad and the kids are so devoid of anything educational it seems. I think the biggest deal there maybe the soccer games for the kids on Saturdays and the drive by shootings here and there. I lived there for two years and nearly died of depression. Hence that is why I am set up starting something up at that location because it really needs something south of Hayward. 

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