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BrainSilo (Portland, OR) is both a state non-profit, and is a sponsored
project of the 501(c)3 School Factory's Space Federation.  With that in

1) BrainSilo is it's own state non-profit entity, but is not tax-exempt at
the federal level by itself.  BrainSilo can receive tax-deductable
donations via our agreement with the Space Federation.
2) Via general member elections.
3) We're a physical location that provides tools and space to any
like-minded people or groups that need it; as such, I'd say we have no
official position on our connection to Make.
4) Any stance you take will cut both ways.  I've found one of the major
hinderances has been that we style ourselves a "hackerspace" - it has
prevented some local organizations (*cough*, for instance, a specific local
museum) from wanting to work with us; but it was a decision made with
intent when we were founded.

~ Loki

On Wed, Oct 16, 2013 at 2:11 PM, Randall G. Arnold <
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> **
>  Sorry to be so active on the list today... but one of my recent questions
> about operating philosophies is still an issue and I'm looking for data.
>  For those of you run as nonprofits, I'm hoping you can answer some
> questions for me:
>  1) Is your foundation tied specifically to a space, or operating in
> support of one or more spaces in an area?
>  2) How are your Board members elected/selected?
>  3) What are your thoughts on your connection to the Make community-- are
> you a representative body?  Corporate-styled authority? Separate but
> supporting?
>  4) If you take a bottom-up, grassroots, community-first approach to
> governance, have you found that to be a hindrance for sponsorships and
> donations?
>  Thanks to any and all respondents.
>  Randy
>  Tarrant Makers
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