[hackerspaces] Is making alliances with education institutions good for a hacekrspace?

Florencia Edwards floev22 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 20:44:43 CEST 2013

Oh and I would appreciate more feedback!

2013/10/16 Florencia Edwards <floev22 at gmail.com>

> Thanks Randall, you are right. I live in Santiago, Chile, Southamerica,
> and the education system is very tough here, it's awful. So I would never
> consider good to be ally with an institution like that... But I guess
> people can change
> 2013/10/16 Randall G. Arnold <randall.arnold at texrat.net>
> **
>>  Florencia,
>>  Tarrant Makers is also exploring alliances with local traditional
>> educational institutions.  I disagree with the broad contention that "an
>> alliance only makes this institutions try to use the hackerspace their
>> way".  That may be true in some cases but I don't think it's a given.
>>  In our case, the first university we approached recognized that they are
>> hidebound by many bureaucratic limitations and they welcome our combination
>> of expertise and freedom.  Instead of imposing on us, they are asking us to
>> act with them in ways that they cannot, and supplement their offerings.
>>  And so what if they *try* to impose?  If that happened to us we would
>> politely refuse and step back, making clear that behavior won't serve
>> either of our purposes.  I would think that any institution that wants to
>> partner with a makerspace/hackerspace has at least some idea of what's
>> involved and expected, and any that tries to force their will has no clue
>> and makes a poor partner to say the least.  I would wait for them to get
>> their stuff together before trying again.
>>  Randy
>>  Tarrant Makers, founder and director
>> On October 16, 2013 at 12:52 PM Florencia Edwards <floev22 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>  I wanted to ask you what you guys think about this. At our hackerspace
>> people who manage it are trying to make some strategic alliances with
>> universities, schools, culture centers... But I think it's not good. A
>> hackerspace is an alternative to this institutions and methods of
>> education. Making an alliance only makes this institutions try to use the
>> hackerspace their way (they have more power), trying to preasure us to
>> adapt to their methods of education, what their students need, special
>> workshops... I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong, . I love everyone to know about
>> a makerspace or hackerspace and to come here to explore, but this
>> institutions have a way of imposing or forcing things...
>>  Do any of you have experience with school or collages, are they good?
>> Can you give me some advice?
>>  Cheers all
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