[hackerspaces] question about workshop strategy

Walter van Holst walter at revspace.nl
Fri Oct 11 19:34:21 CEST 2013

On 11/10/2013 17:53, Florencia Edwards wrote:
> Hi all, I wanted to ask you how do you do it with the workshops. 

Looking through the questions, I realised that your question was about a
series of workshops. In our case we never really had that, only a few
non-member groups that convened regularly in our space. Not really
taking classes, more for specific projects.

> 1. How do you divide the winnings between the makerspace and the teacher
> by percentage?

Workshops are typically for free at our space. If there is an admission
fee, then it tends to be zero for members.

> 2. Are all the teachers members? Is it a requirement?

No, contrary. Teachers are often non-members.

> 3. Are workshops for members only?

No, they are a good vehicle to attract new faces.

> 4. If teachers are not members and workshops are not members only, how
> do the people that go to the workshop relate to the makerspace. How can
> they make community if they only go for some classes. 

They will recognise it is an a-typical location as soon as they are there.

> 5. Last question, how can one establish a relationship between workshops
> and memberships or members, so they are not two separate things.
> Sometimes people who come to our workshops think this is just a building
> the teacher is renting, they go to class and never come back to the
> makerspace. We give them tours and we even talk about the makerspace
> when there is a workshop but they don't have the need to become members,
> because they can just come to the workshop and never come back. It's
> difficult to create a community that way  

Make sure the workshop relates to some extent to your hackerspace's
interest. Our experience was that workshop participants tend to become
members over time.



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