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Nils Hitze nhitze at gmail.com
Wed Oct 9 16:11:24 CEST 2013

Hi there humble Hackerspace Folks,

i'd like to point your interest to an Event in Berlin on the 7/8th of
November, the MakeTechX Conference.

"A two-day conference of tech things that matter where those who make a
difference meet, think & create."


"We need creators, not users: Heavy on the tech and brilliant ideas, the
MaketechXconference at Berlin’s Platoon Kunsthalle invites inspired
thinkers, makers and developers to enter an intense, two-day conference of
ambitious tinkering, lively discussions and hands-on innovation with smart
tech, DIY development and plenty of focused ingenuity.

Also on location: our dedicated MaketechXlab – a mobile Fablab – to turn
tentative ideas into tangible prototypes.

It’s high time to put humanity back in control of technology; so sign up to
join our roster of key thinkers and passionate activists and help us
realise simple – and simply inspired – solutions that promote positive
change on any level!"

Speakers are

- Richard van As from Robohand - OpenSource 3dPrinted Prosthetics
- Benjamin Kampmann - founder of OpenTechSchool
and many more:


What’s in for me?

At the Make a Thon you will have access to our facilities and some pretty
brilliant folks.

The best developed (prototyped) solutions will be developed in further
makeathons, again - done by MakeTechX and with some awesome support of the
MTX Network.

Looking fwd to meet you there

Nils Hitze
Email: nhitze at gmail.com
Mobil: +49 179 9429701

Blog: silberkind.de <http://www.silberkind.de>
G+: silberkind.de/+
Twitter: @kojote <http://twitter.com/kojote>
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