[hackerspaces] Members storing their personal stuff...

Ron Bean makerspace at rbean.users.panix.com
Fri Nov 22 05:09:07 CET 2013

>8. Assuming you have some mechanism to throw out stuff that everyone 
>agrees is abandoned, has anyone come back later and whined that their 
>precious shit wasn't yours to throw out? How do you handle that?

This happens all the time. If you didn't leave a note on it, we don't 
know it's yours or how long it's been here.

Some people have tried to argue that "everyone knows" it was their 
stuff. Now that we have 130 members, this argument doesn't carry a lot 
of weight.

Also, if you haven't been a member for over a year, I don't know how you 
can assume your stuff will still be here. But people do.

We have a variety of storage options, including pallet racks, shelves, 
lockers, and filing cabinets (ie, whatever got donated). One that I 
haven't seen mentioned elsewhere is rolling carts-- these can be pushed 
out of the way when not in use. Dimensions vary depending on what the 
individual manages to build or scrounge. Some of them also serve as work 

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