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john lunger justj1915 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 9 17:59:18 CET 2013

East Bay Maker Labs is ready to roll this Friday at 5:30pm!  
East Bay Maker Labs is basically the beginnings of a hackerspace in San Leandro, CA
There will be kids workshops and adult workshops. 

Activities ranging from build your own 3 D printer and an introduction to Makerspaces to making a bunny copter and R2D2 LED ornament out of paper toilet roll. 

If we receive enough interest here at this site and there are people from Hayward we can utilize the pool that we receive at this event to start working on a space in Hayward, but first lets just support what is going on in San Leandro and bring that Maker Movement down south in time. Regardless of our locale, we are part of the Maker community! 

Judi Clark of San Leandro Co-Working has graciously footed the bill herself to rent this space for a total of three months!!!!!!

She is an amazing generous person. Let's help her recoup that money by coming and showing some Maker support! 

If you have something to teach, contact her. She has a google doc that she can send to you. 

If you or your kids would like to participate come on down and do some activities with us. 

Can we have a general count about how many people can make it this Friday and Saturday?

Friday from 5;30-8pm and Sat 10-1am, This will insure we have plenty of materials for everyone! 

Please send a RSVP to Judi through the website. 

Carolyn and John
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