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Hackerspaces in China are pretty much the same as everywhere.  Although all hackerspaces in the world Techspace,e, the ones in China (as everywhere) are all places where people are engaged in supportive communities, exploring, working on, and playing on a wide diversity of projects that intrigue them.  

In China, as everywhere, they are called a variety of things: hackerspaces, fablabs, techspaces, makerspaces, colabs, etc. 

In China, there trends to be more of a focus on projects people hope to make a living from.  Which is needed over there (and everywhere). 

The government in China is full of bureaucrats.  And for the recent few years, there have been openings for these individuals to experiment with new ideas.  There is now even some pressure to push for more creativity.  This is certainly the case for education.  And hackerspaces, hackathons, hands-on, and project-based learning are all being explored.  It's pretty exciting. 


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Subject: [hackerspaces] Mitch and China

 Tell me how hackerspaces are proliferating in China?Do they call it something else?Do they work on similar projects as the American or other countries?How is the governments acceptance of them? It seems they completely support and fund them which blows my mind. 
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