[hackerspaces] Wet hackerspace walls, what do you do?

overflo flo at tekstix.com
Thu Nov 7 16:35:47 CET 2013


at my private house water was coming from the ground so i paid a company 
to cut trough the walls and insert a "wassersperre"
super expensive, takes some  weeks. needs impressive tools (giant 
diamond chainsaw). works.

we had to deal with this issue at metalab as well.
no budget.
we took down the plaster from all walls and let a drying machine run for 
some weeks.
then we build walls made of rigips-platten in front of the wet walls and 
installed a ventilation on the bottom and slits on the top.
so the old wall is still wet but gets enough air.
the new wall looks good ..

thats an ugly hack and will only work if you dont have a LOT of humidity.
but as i know c-base you are very close to a river and have a lot of 
ground water so i guess the situation is different.

1 go ask a company to take a look and make an offer on the current 
2 go ask another.
goto 1

repeat till you think you know whats going on.

have a good time

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