[hackerspaces] Boston, MA, USA hacker/maker space in the works!

Brett Dikeman brett.dikeman at gmail.com
Wed Nov 6 21:51:53 CET 2013

So, ages ago I sent a message out about starting a Boston space, and
didn't hear a peep. BUT - turns out a few other folks here in Boston
had a similar idea and we crossed paths!

Meet JP Makers! Not a ton of info/content, but:
http://www.jpmakers.com (entry added in wiki!)

(JP is the colloquial name for Jamaica Plain, which is basically a
"borough" or large neighborhood of Boston.)

There have been two well-attended public meetings at area libraries,
and we're holding a third this Saturday in West Roxbury. Next month,
we'll be in Hyde Park. Some decent local-newspaper coverage so far,
too. We're looking for space (the biggest challenge by far, it seems,
given we're trying to stay close to JP and want space friendly to
welding and other messy/noisy crafts, not just relatively clean
stuff), working on a name ("JP Makers" works but I think there's a
desire for something more clever/catchy), have a solid group of core
volunteers, some of whom have been involved in cousin concepts, etc.

I'm hoping to shortly reach out to both the Nashua and Framingham
groups to say hello. Some folks in our core group already know some AA
folks; right now we're being extra polite in how we go about posting
to the AA discuss list on the subject of our space.

Welcomes, congrats, "large, anonymous donations"(especially if your
name is Martin), (friendly) small woodland creatures, leads on spaces,
help spreading word, suggestions, contacts/who-to-talk-to
recommendations, unsolicited advice, volunteers for barnraising, and
smiling faces at upcoming meetings are all welcome! And for those of
you who were visited by HackaDay on their whirlwind Europe tour: both
jealous and inspired!

I'm hanging out in hackerspaces at conference.jabber.hackerspaces.org,
although I can't promise I'll be around, this week is pretty insane...


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