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Paul Bohm bohmps at gmail.com
Sat Mar 2 08:22:50 CET 2013

ok quick update:

thanks to heroic acts of fh (of ccc / ccc camp orga fame) i now have a
local vagrant version of an updated wiki running in which pagination works
again. we'll need a little more time to do testing and set up caching and
fix minor problems, but yeah, this is pretty sweet and i'm confident we'll
have everything working and easy to deploy/test again soon.

that said: any of you going to be at SXSW next week?


On Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 12:51 PM, Paul Bohm <bohmps at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey Hackers!
> Hackerspaces.org has a problem and I really hope one of you can help turn
> Hackerspaces.org into a properly working, useful resource again.
> The Hackerspaces Wiki is stuck on an old semantic mediawiki version - and
> it's broken on many levels. E.g. it's really hard - almost impossible - to
> list all the spaces. Pagination is broken, the map doesn't work anymore,
> etc. etc. It's basically just on life support.
> Also it is running on a single physical server. upgrades are not likely to
> work without problems when migrating from such an old version to the
> current version, but leaving it in this broken state is like coma. Just
> trying to migrate the database of a server that hasn't been fully updated
> in years is scary, and might cause data model migration breakage and
> horrible downtime.
> Having helped build a service that now serves hundreds of millions of
> users reliably (Dropbox), my standards are higher. So to make things easier
> to maintain again, I'd really like to have fabric or puppet scripts to
> deploy a new setup for hackerspaces.org from scratch - e.g. to ec2 -, so
> that we can test migration (the classical dev, staging, production setup).
> Sector67, which doesn't properly show up in the index and feels like they
> are missing out on potential new members because of that, has now emailed
> me twice in the course of months. They have even offered a cash bounty to
> have this fixed. I'd really like to do this myself (for free), but I just
> can't seem to find the time.
> Is there anyone out there who has the necessary Ops experience to deploy
> an ec2 instance per fabric script, and other stuff like copying over the
> database to a staging machine where we can test if it migrates properly.
> etc?
> I'd add my own cash to Sector67's bounty, and I'd be glad to cover the
> hosting costs, but more than that you'd get mad geek cred for having built
> the deploy scripts for Hackerspaces.org (!). We've all helped build this
> community to over 700 active hackerspaces in just a few years. Now let's
> find a way to make this wiki a useful and usable resource again!
> If you're interested send me direct mail and I'll coordinate!
> Thanks y'all! Hack on!
> -enki
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