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Paul Brown paul90brown at gmail.com
Sat Jun 22 22:57:55 CEST 2013

I think the home depot thing you're describing is called a Cantilever Rack,
that does look like a really excellent solution:

On Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 3:49 PM, Gui Cavalcanti <gui at artisansasylum.com>wrote:

> Addendum: I will say that, for the money we spent on 2x4s (like, $50), it
> was a really effective solution. If you try it, just don't build it to be
> mobile - that's really where things went wrong. I can send plans over if
> you want, and if I can find them in our archives.
> Gui Cavalcanti <gui at artisansasylum.com> wrote:
> Oh god. Don't build that thing, it was terrible. It eventually weighed
> over 2,000 pounds, sagged, and couldn't be moved.
> We switched to a home built system like you see at Home Depot (where arms
> stick out from a wall -
> http://www.homedepot.com/hdus/en_US/DTCCOM/HomePage/Categories/Lumber_Composites/Body/Images/LC_Promo_Img_B.jpg) that you can lay long stock on. We can accommodate raw stock from a steel
> distributor, which is usually 21-24 ft long. We didn't bolt ours to the
> wall (which you should), and we don't really have enough levels on it, but
> it works.
> We've also had success with these guys:
> http://2051c116f573ac17516c-b81ff6485f85a81c17fc5ed8482993db.r91.cf1.rackcdn.com/vertical-storage-racks4590-7206.jpg
> We just outgrew them pretty quickly. They're really compact and efficient
> for 8-12ft metal stock, though. Not so great for wood.
> We also just made ourselves a sheet storage rack that looks like this:
> http://vestilmfg.com/products/jpg/EEE6.jpg Jury's still out on that one.
> If we had planned it better, we would've include sliders or rollers on the
> base to get sheets out easier. Getting metal sheet in and out is a pain in
> the ass.
> We've found its best to make the structures liftable and moveable by
> pallet jack, without worrying about getting casters rated for absurd loads.
> Good luck!
> Paul Brown <paul90brown at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dallas Makerspace is looking for a better way to store scrap metal and
> wood.
> This is the best idea i've seen so far (from a slideshow on Artisan's
> Asylum): http://i.imgur.com/qXBw4no.png
> Do any of you guys have a better solution at your space?
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