[hackerspaces] How to create a steady-state makerspace/hackerspace business model

webmind webmind at puscii.nl
Tue Jun 4 19:41:57 CEST 2013

On 04/06/13 19:35, Al Billings wrote:
> What do you do when your volunteers burn out and the machines are
> not all working right because it is no one's job to maintain them?
> Wait for new members who want to grease and align machines?

Do far we have no volunteers burn out, the labour within the space
seems quite balanced, the usual 80/20 you see in most projects.
Regarding machines, people maintain them, even without getting paid
for it, I'm surprised you find this weird. If there are costs made for
machines to maintain them, usually either we make a pledge and a
subset of the members pay for it or sometimes just an individual pays
for it by him/her self.


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