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Lisha Sterling lishevita at gmail.com
Sat Jun 1 17:06:32 CEST 2013

I'd like to throw one more thought out there regarding the "when it all
goes wrong you have to beg from strangers" issue:

There are a lot of us in the community who are highly mobile -- nomadic,
even. We have attachments with and love for many hackerspaces that we have
visited, been members of, or had the opportunity to help at one point or
another. I personally have direct relationships with 5 different
hacker-/maker- spaces and less direct ones with several more. Even for
those who don't move around so much, many of us feel like hackerspaces are
part of our "community" and we'd like to support them all in some little

This is list is one place where those of us who have been members of, but
are not currently in the same location as, a hackerspace can get news of
when a space needs help so that we can do what we can to help. It's also a
place where those who want to support struggling hackerspaces because of
the sense of a larger community involvement can pitch in to help our
far-off cousins from time to time. We may not be able to help every space
in every situation, and sometimes all we can do is serve as a signal
booster. Still, I am glad that we get news of these sorts of things here on
this list.

Also, I've noticed that big fundraising drives put on by spaces go some way
towards making "strangers" into "members" of our community. The Kickstarter
for Mothership HackerMoms brought in new visitors and new members as well
as much needed funds. When Tech Liminal -- not exactly a hackerspace but
rather a "tech salon and coworking space" that hosts classes, workshops,
tech meetups and hack nights among other things -- did their fundraiser,
they similarly made new community connections and gained many new friends
and members.

So, yes, we do need to find ways for each of our spaces to be
self-sufficient and sustainable, but it's not a sin to reach out to the
wider community from time to time, either.

- Lisha

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