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Will Bradley bradley.will at gmail.com
Sat Jun 1 08:30:53 CEST 2013

When HeatSync first started out, we explored many fundraising options; from
"car wash" to member-funded to donation/sponsorship and government/grant

We've been fortunate so far that our adopted pragmatic philosophy of "if
the community wants a space they'll pitch in to have one" has worked; we
also have the same philosophy as David mentioned, giving people lots of
different ways to give us money.

Arizona isn't seen as the most altruistic or cohesive places in the world
(quite the opposite) but it is practical and desiring of "nice things"
enough that people have been very willing to pay for whatever is
(justifiably) needed, in numbers sufficient to support a (relatively
inexpensive) location.

So we've been lucky, and haven't had to accept money with strings attached
or spend time/energy/goodwill on fundraisers or grants, and our growth has
been relatively constant over the years (with seasonal variations of

I can't say if being a 501c3 has helped with this at all; I'm not sure how
many members see their memberships as a tax deduction versus a pragmatic
purchase of access to our space. I do know that being a nonprofit helped
bootstrap the first year of rent via donors, but I also believe that 501c3
status is strictly optional.

Just one data point for everyone! I don't think a call for donations is bad
per se, but I'd try to avoid it (even moving or disbanding if there's not
enough income on a regular basis.)
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